Pug Dog Licking Screen Cleaner

Pug Dog Licking Screen Cleaner 3.0

Pug Dog Licking Screen Cleaner shows an animation of a dog licking your screen
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Pug Dog Licking Screen Cleaner is a very realistic and original screensaver that displays a sort of video of a real pug dog licking your screen which seems to have drops of something, possibly food. The dog won't stop until he cleans out all the screen and then the animation starts all over again. What is more, the screensaver features excellent graphics and enchanting piano music that helps create the perfect atmosphere. Unfortunately, it doesn't include ambient sounds, which would be even better, since it would be even more real. Also, if you want, you can mute the sounds from the settings menu. As I told you, the music is lovely, but if you want to, you can add your own playlist. Unlike other screensavers, here you can also customize the exit conditions, offering a great variety of options.
In short, Pug Dog Licking Screen Cleaner is an excellent screensaver that will surely attract fans of this breed or even pet lovers because it is simply great and definitely worth trying. Besides, it is completely free.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lovely music
  • Excellent graphics
  • Very realistic and original
  • Free


  • No ambient sounds
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